Where Is the Best West Palm Beach Street Art?

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Where Is the Best West Palm Beach Street Art?

Are you looking for a unique way to spend your days in South Florida? West Palm Beach street art brings an entirely new kind of art to the community. Read on to discover more about the Sunshine State's latest masterpieces and the self-proclaimed "Street Art Revolution"!

Your Guide to the Most Fantastic West Palm Beach Street Art

What Is Street Art?
A stigma has surrounded the concept of street art for years. Street art is completely different from graffiti; it is an art form. From colored murals to installations, there are various types of street art in public today. Like any other form of art, street art is a medium for self-expression. It's fascinating and beautiful and all over the streets of West Palm Beach.

The Street Art Revolution
The Street Art Revolution began with CANVAS Outdoor Museum. CANVAS celebrates some of the world's most innovative artists through engaging the city in public art displays. CANVAS started its transformation of West Palm Beach in 2015. They commissioned artists to transform public spaces and create stunning murals in downtown West Palm Beach. The goal of the "revolution" is to change the concept of what is considered art in Palm Beach County through dynamic, evocative pieces.

You can't miss these one-of-a-kind displays during your next trip! View the full map of outdoor artist exhibitions here.

Local Street Art
One of our favorite street artists is Eduardo Kobra from Brazil. Known for his mural rendition of the iconic Times Square kiss, Kobra brought his colorful and unforgettable talent to two walls in West Palm Beach. Check out his Clematis Street mural here.

More fantastic talent on display in West Palm Beach includes the works of Anthony Hernandez, Eduardo Mendieta, and Tristan Eaton.

More for Art Lovers in West Palm Beach
If you're seeking more artistic attractions to add to your South Florida itinerary, you're in luck! The Palm Beaches are also referred to as Florida's Culture Capital, and our city's streets are filled with lovely galleries and museums to explore.

The Norton Museum of Art in downtown West Palm Beach features contemporary European, American, and Chinese artwork. Another great spot to let your creativity soar is the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens. Stroll through the gorgeous gardens, tour the house, or attend a twilight event.

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