8 Outstanding Get Wet Watersports Adventures You’ll Love

The beach is the perfect destination for adventurous travelers. Maybe you’re looking for alternative ways to stay on top of your fitness regimen. Perhaps you’d rather spend the day up close and personal with marine flora and fauna. From surfing and waterskiing to snorkeling and paddleboard yoga, Get Wet Watersports offers everything you’ll need for a fun-filled getaway. Watersports beginners and experts are encouraged to indulge in the excitement and try something new. Experience West Palm Beach in or on the water to make the most out of your summer vacation!

Whether you’re looking for jet ski rentals in West Palm Beach, kayak rentals for Singer Island, or snorkeling rentals for Peanut Island, Get Wet Watersports provides everything for your excursions. While ocean adventures will definitely keep you busy, there’s plenty more to do in between! Our complimentary Insider’s Guide contains well thought out suggestions. Our travel experts spent a lot of time hand-selecting the best options so that you wouldn’t have to. You’ll find everything you need for your travel itinerary including our favorite restaurants, museums, and more!

10 Best Get Wet Watersports Adventures

1. Snorkeling

One of the best ways to experience the ocean is to dive right in! Rent some goggles and gear or book a tour of the man-made reef at Peanut Island. Whether you’re snorkeling from a boat, kayak, or around the beach, you’ll be amazed by the otherworldly marine wildlife.


2. Jet Skis

What could be more fun than cutting through the waves on a jet ski? You have the choice of jet ski rentals for your own personalized excursion or you can join fully-certified staff members for a tour of the Atlantic.


3. Surfing

Stoked on the big West Palm Beach waves? Surfers of all skill levels can pick up a board and spend the day catching some gnarly waves. If you’re a beginner, consider taking a lesson with a professional instructor so you’ll feel more comfortable out on the water.


4. Paddleboard Yoga

Even on vacation, it’s important to meditate and center yourself. Get creative and test your balance by practicing yoga on a paddleboard. You’ll feel grounded before your feet are even back on land. Space is typically limited in these classes so be sure to sign up in advance.


5. Kayaking

South Florida’s waters are absolutely stunning. Venture out into the blue and soak in the saltwater air on a kayak! You can either rent a kayak for a personal experience or join a tour group to learn more about the coastal habitat or local history. Whichever route you decide to take, you’re going to have an unforgettable time.


6. Flyboarding

Flyboarding is by far one of the most unique water sports offered in West Palm Beach. Strap on some FlyDive Jet Boots and hover above the water. Intimidated? Don’t be! Most first-timers are up and flying in less than five minutes.


7. Hobie Cat Sailing

The saltwater breeze keeps you cool while working up a sweat on a Hobie Cat sailboat. Perfect for beginners as well as experienced sailors, guests can rent a Hobie Cat and sail through the ocean.


8. Tubing, Wakeboarding, and Water Skiing

Get your crew together and get ready to splash your way through the ocean. You have your choice of being pulled behind a boat on an inflatable tube, a wakeboard, or water skis. The tube even holds up to three people at once! Guaranteed to get some laughs out of everyone, this watersports adventure is sure to be a family favorite.


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