Why You Need to Visit the Beautiful West Palm Beach Zoo

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Why You Need to Visit the Beautiful West Palm Beach Zoo

Do you love animals? Are you curious to learn more about them? Get a glimpse into life in the jungle with a visit to the West Palm Beach Zoo! Inside Dreher Park, you'll find 23 acres of lush, verdant habitat waiting to be explored. Spend a day learning about and admiring the zoo's hundreds of animal species. 

Immerse Yourself in a Tropical Oasis at the West Palm Beach Zoo

Explore Exhibits and Attractions
The West Palm Beach Zoo is the county's top-rated zoological experience, and for a good reason! The zoo is home to over 190 animal species, including many species that are endangered in the wild. Observe these rare animals, like the Golden Lion Tamarin, the White alligator, and the Ring-tailed Lemur. If you'd like to get even closer to the animals, personal animal experiences are available by reservation. Hang out with a happy capybara, feed grapes to a sloth, or bathe a tortoise at the zoo!

In addition to the awesome animal experiences, kids will love the zoo's amenities. Find relief from the South Florida sun at the splash pad, take a spin on the wildlife carousel, or hop on the colorful safari train. There's no shortage of entertainment at the West Palm Beach Zoo!

Tip: If your planned beach day gets rained out, the zoo offers a 50% off rainy day discount.

Monkey Around at These Zoo Events
Learn, play, and celebrate at the West Palm Beach Zoo! The zoo offers a variety of educational programs for kids, including zoo labs and guided tours of the zoo's facilities.

Celebrate the holidays at the zoo as well! Ring in the new year with a gummy bear toast and ball drop at noon at the New Year's Eve countdown. Get spooky at the zoo's Halloween-themed costume contest and trick-or-treating activities. Are you planning a visit to the Palm Beaches that isn't during the holidays? There's plenty of festive off-season events as well, such as Brew 2 at the Zoo, a 21+ after-hours experience.

More for Animal Lovers in West Palm Beach
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If you'd rather spend a day under the sea, head to Manatee Lagoon! Here, you can observe wild manatees basking in the lagoon's warm waters, explore hands-on displays, and learn about these beautiful creatures.