Dive Into the Best Scuba Diving in West Palm Beach

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Dive Into the Best Scuba Diving in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is known for its stunning beaches, blue waters, and gorgeous palm tree-lined streets. But, wait until you see what WPB has to offer under the sea! Dive into the daring and adventurous side of the Florida coast with world-class scuba diving in West Palm Beach! Discover Florida's marine life and beautiful coral reefs by spending the day beach diving. Read this article to learn more about becoming a certified scuba diver. 

Your Ultimate Scuba Diving West Palm Beach Guide

Get Prepared for Your Dive
Even if you aren't a certified scuba diver, you can still dive in West Palm Beach! Before your trip, simply take the South Florida Diving Open Water Scuba Certification course online and complete your water training when you arrive. Before your dive, learn more at iDiveblue.com and check out the daily dive report to stay up to date on water conditions.

Drift Diving
It's also important to know the type of diving you'll be doing. When you go diving in West Palm Beach, drift diving is the name of the game. The favorable conditions along the Palm Beach coastline allow for gulf stream-powered drift diving. You'll be dropped in with a flag and will start your descent. Then, you'll float with the current, explore, and surface when you're ready for the boat to pick you up.

Drift diving is less stressful, gives you more time to explore the beautiful reefs and marine life under the sea, and provides you with more freedom during your dive. Learn more about West Palm Beach diving conditions on the South Florida Diving official website.

Popular South Florida Diving Sites

Blue Heron Bridge
Blue Heron Bridge is one of the most popular scuba diving sites in Florida and is perfect for an entry-level diving experience. Enter at Phil Foster Park and dive into the Lake Worth Lagoon. You'll see hundreds of sea creatures, including sea horses, barracuda, and angelfish. You can also follow along the 800-foot Snorkel Trail and encounter some fantastic underwater treasures, including sunken powerboats and hammerhead shark statues.

Juno Ledge
Juno Ledge is an excellent spot for divers looking to see diverse marine life. This 60 to 85-foot dive has excellent daytime visibility and offers an up-close look at sharks, eels, sea turtles, and colorful corals. You might also see the massive goliath groupers, which can weigh up to 800 pounds!

Breakers Reef
The Breakers Reef features one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Palm Beaches. This two-mile-long reef is easily accessible from Palm Beach Inlet. Dive down about 50 feet, and you'll see soft corals, barrel sponges, sea turtles, and eels. If you make it to the north end of the reef, be sure to take a peek at the seven-foot-tall King Neptune statue.

Diving Companies in West Palm Beach

Pura Vida Scuba Diving
Pura Vida Divers is a dive shop, charter service, and training facility all in one. They offer scuba diving charters every day of the week, including night dives and a turtle-focused guided dive. Pura Vida is located on Singer Island, just minutes from downtown West Palm Beach.

Narcosis Dive Company
Narcosis Dive Company provides daily scuba dive charters and private certification classes. Check out their variety of available trips before deciding how to spend your ideal day under the sea.

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